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How to remotely access sampled hydrophone data on topside computer? (where the external hydrophone is connected to Raspberry Pi via a USB sound card in BlueROV)

Hi, I am trying to get real time acoustic data from the BlueROV using a hydrophone which is attached to the Raspberry Pi. The hydrophone is attached to the Raspberry Pi companion computer using a USB sound card. What I want is to set up a sampling rate for the Raspberry Pi and also to access real time sampled sound from this hydrophone to the top-side computer. Is this possible?

Yes, that should be easily done with gstreamer.

You can start from the audio streamer currently in the ROV (but unused by qgc right now):

modify that to use the new device you attached and use something like this on the topside:

gst-launch -v udpsrc port=5601 caps="application/x-rtp, media=(string)audio, clock-rate=(int)44100, encoding-name=(string)L16, encoding-params=(string)1, channels=(int)1, payload=(int)96" ! gstrtpjitterbuffer do-lost=true ! rtpL16depay ! audioconvert ! autoaudiosink sync=false
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