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Starting point for building QGC on windows for a BlueRov2?

Hello all, I want to make a custom build of QGC with some extra buttons on the flight screen to manage relays. I’m a bit confused about what version of QGC to start with.
There’s active development on github-mavlink\QGroundControl and that one claims to build on Windows with Visual Studio 2017-64bit and Qt5.12.6.
There is, however, a github-Bluerobotics\QGroundControl branch that looks much less active and says “for internal dev only” that says to build with VisualStudio2015-32bit and Qt5.7.x.

Is the bluerobotics branch still active? Is it available for community use? I’ve checked the Qt installer and it doesn’t even allow versions pre5.9.x, so that’s an added challenge if necessary.

Thanks, Jon

Hi Jon,

No, BlueRobotics fork, as you said, only exists for internal development.
Please use https://github.com/mavlink/qgroundcontrol master branch.

Thanks for the quick reply!

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