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Need help to start building QGC


I try to install (900 meg version) Qt 5.15.2 from a zip file to eventually build QGC. My windows 10 (64bits) become not responsive when initializing the Qt extraction process. Is there other way to build QGC?
Qt is now at version 6 and it become difficult to find How to… that are not outdated.
Even this BR link is with a previous version of Qt. https://discuss.bluerobotics.com/t/starting-point-for-building-qgc-on-windows-for-a-bluerov2/7852

I am lost! Need help!

Thank you

Ok I made some progress.
Based on this QGC build 101 I need to install Qt 5.12.6 because it is the latest bugless version.
With the Qt installer, I can install numerous version but the 5.12.6 (of course!)
What should I do? See below the available version I can choose from.

Hi @Charles ,

5.12.11 should be fine. typically version changes on the last numbers have only minor changes that shouldn’t have side-effects (think minor bug fixes).

Another interesting place to look (for reference and versions) is this file: qgroundcontrol/windows_release.yml at master · mavlink/qgroundcontrol · GitHub

it has the instuctions that Github uses to build Daily versions of QGC for windows.

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