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QGC update - How to

I understand that the QGC is continuously improved and worked on. How can I get to the latest updated version of the software? Download new version or is there some way to update the current one by connecting to the internet ?

Hi Oystein,

You can download the daily build of QGroundControl here. Keep in mind that this is developmental software, it changes day-to-day and is not considered stable.

Great, thank you. maybe it will sort out my depth hold issue, who know?

I’ve replied with the solution to your issue. The bug in the configuration/setup of max depth should be fixed in the daily build, but you still need to re-configure it as the settings are actually saved on the autopilot.

Hello jWalser
This link doesn’t works to me. Do you have another one?

Hi Daniel,

The link for the daily builds of QGC has been changed. It is now here.