QGC 4.1.6 showing "Daily"

Installing latest recommended version 4.1.6 gives in application text saying “Daily”
Is 4.1.6 recommended for professional field use?


Yeah, I think that’s an issue with how it was released, but shouldn’t have an impact on the actual functionality. I’ve mentioned that internally - hopefully it’s something we can fix before the next release.

Yep! It’s our currently recommended stable version, for all operating systems :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m planning to make an announcement about that to encourage people to switch, but I’ve left that until we’ve had a chance to make some documentation for it, since the QGC primary devs haven’t actually documented the new interface yet.

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I got the same “Daily”, but also with this version the CPU is 100% and RAM is very high. Anyone else had similar problems?

Have you tried the different hardware acceleration settings in QGC?