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Connect with QGC

[Trying to get vehicle to connect to QGC. v3.4.2
Do I need to download newer version of QGC and if so do I delete the current version?
Do I need to update pixhawk and companion? User and password required?
Are the updates required or can I run off the older versions?
QGC won’t connect with vehicle, Interface is linked , proper lights are lit on pixhawk.
Is there way that I can test communication before I start going too deep?
Would love to get back in water, as we already missed out on a job, I made a few post, but no replies.

Latest stable should work. You can uninstall the previous version, install alongside it, or overwrite it.

You shouldn’t need a password. Just go to

If you can’t open the link, make sure the rov is connected, powered, and go through our troubleshooting guide.

Thanks William,

I got QGC working.
Had OpenGL issues and after trying to up date QCG for the third time it loaded a UAV driver which I hope took care of issues.
Never up dated pixhawk or companion.
Should I and can I do this thru tether?
Had to set everything back up on the vehicle, motors, sensors, joystick, etc.
How do I save these settings, I have to reset everytime I turn vehicle on?
Finally the old version is now working and I can use it in the compatability mode, before it was in the safe mode, I also have the new QGC version, but can’t create shortcut to desktop!!
Is this common and will these system be conflicting?
Thanks very much for your time and input.
Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated and suggestions appreciated.


Hi @spudder,

Yes, this can all be done via tether, see the updating instructions. It is also easier to help you if we know you have the latest versions.

My bad. While you can have the two versions coexisting, I think they may fight over the settings file, which means you will have to setup a few things when switching versions.
QGC always tries to install at the same path, so you need to manually tell one of the versions to install somewhere else, then you can navigate there and create a a shortcut.

Joystick buttons, motors, and sensors are stored in the ROV, though. They should not be affected by changing versions of QGC.

@williangalvani @spudder

I recommend installing only one version of QGC at a time. When you want to install a new version, uninstall the old one first. Then you should not have problems.

@spudder, it sounds like you will benefit from a remote desktop session with one to sort out the problems. I’ll try to arrange a meeting with you in private message.