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How to check the version of QGC

How to check the version of QGC

Click the Application Settings icon (Purple ‘Q’), then scroll all the way to the bottom.

Is it here? How do you see which edition it is?

That is the version you are using. It looks like a ‘daily build’, not a stable release version.

That is correct, you are using a daily build built October 22nd based on this commit.

:joy:Thank you for responding and explaining. :sweat_smile:Thank you for your response and explanation. There is no recording button on this board. How to record?

it used to be here, but on qgc daily, it should be visible right away.
make sure your video settings are right in qgc:
then it should show on the video stream:

I have changed the version. :smiley:But there is no recording button. Does it have anything to do with this? What is the problem? How to solve it? Thank you for your guidance. :joy:xdda

Do you see the video? Check the QGC docs for the instruments widget. you need to click the down arrow to change to the video page

This is because power monitoring is not set up properly. Check the Power Setup Page