SOS Leak Detector in Battery Compartment

Hey There!
Recently I bought 2 SOS leak sensors and installed one in the electronics enclosure and I want to install one in the battery enclosure. However, as I didn’t realise this is a bit challenging. There is no way to connect the leak sensor from the battery enclosure to the electronics enclosure and furthermore the board doesn’t have a spare slot. Has anyone attempted this/done it before and if so how did you do it?

Hi @hbillings,

The leak sensor functionality detects when the two wires of a probe get shorted together. It should be possible to use a waterproof cable between your enclosures that you connect a probe to in the external enclosure.

Our SOS Leak Sensor has ports for 4 probes. If you’re using our Navigator flight controller there are ports for two probes and a connection to an SOS leak sensor, which would be 6 probes all together. If necessary multiple probes could be spliced together, and plug in via a single port, but that’s a fair amount more effort than the normal “plug in a probe” approach.

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