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Leak detection in multiple enclosure

(Johns) #1

We have three enclosures that need to be leak monitored (Electronics, Camera and Battery).

The maximum probe length available for leak sensor is 12", can this be increased ?(probe length of 20" is needed)

Another option is to put leak sensor host board in each enclosure, but can these multiple leak sensors be integrated with pixhawk and software ?.

(Jacob) #2

Hi @johnstmathai , you have several options.

  • You can make your own probe out of longer wires, or splice an extension on the existing wires.
  • You can run 3 separate leak boards, and connect the outputs of all of them in parallel to a single pin on the pixhawk.
  • You can run 3 separate leak boards, and configure the pixhawk to look for leaks on 3 separate inputs. ArduSub has support for three separate leak detector instances.


(Johns) #3

Thank You @jwalser for the detailed answer


Does this mean I can have a message such as “Leak detected 1.xxx” or similar?
Point is if only “leak detected” message is issued, how will I know about the exact location of leak?


(Jacob) #5

See my reply here