Sometimes ardusub on pixhawk doesn't start automatically

Hi everyone! I work with bluerow2 and I have some bug, for now, I just don’t know how to fix it. Sometimes, when I connect battery to ROV, raspberry has started, qgc started to show video to me, but pixhawk not responed. I tried to restart pixhawk from web-UI, doesn’t work. After it I start to reboot raspberry, pixhawk didn’t started either. Only force reconection of battery work. Is there some scripts or commands to force reboot pixhawk
from companion.

Hi @YuryArnaut,

What is your power supply to the Raspberry like? Do you have additional usb peripherals?

Hi William!
No, I have bought full constructed row. There is no other connections. I check autostart of mavproxy, it started. Only when I reboot row from qgc, it can’t regain connection. But when I stoped process (kill -9 pidOfProcess), it reconnected correctly, but it was ttyACM1 instead of 0 for symbolic link. Where is the script, where you make this symbolic link and add device to it?
Maybe I should change queue of started scripts?

We actually use an udev rule to create a link at /dev/autopilot, take a look here.

It still sounds like something is not right in your hardware. I’d say either the Pixhawk usb cable is faulty (causing it to lose connection and reconnect shortly after, changing the tty device) or the UBEC is not providing enough power for both the pixhawk and the pi.

Do you have another usb cable you could try?

Thank you William! I fix it by creating process which looking is ttyACM connected or not, and if it doesn’t connected it restart mavproxy.

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I think this may be happening to my BlueROV2 can you explain the modification to the code you made please?


Hi @SamROV,

It’s most likely this is a hardware issue (as @williangalvani was describing), but if you are getting inconsistent connections to QGC I would suggest trying BlueOS (which has built in repeated checks for the autopilot) on your onboard computer instead of the Companion software. If you’re already on BlueOS then try updating to the latest stable version, and if that doesn’t help try updating to the latest beta version.

Can you run Blue OS on a pixhawk setup? Or do I need a Navigator board?

Yes, BlueOS works well with a Pixhawk, although it does have a couple of extra features that are currently only available with Navigator :slight_smile: