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Software Updates - September 14 2017


When I open Firmware Setup in QGC, nothing happens. How do I update the software in Pixhawk?

(Jacob) #6

@Mikxie QGC can only update firmware when the autopilot is connected directly via usb.

To update the autopilot through the tether, please follow the ‘ArduSub’ directions at the bottom of the update post.


When I follow the link, IE does not find anything.

Is it maybe trying online in stead of locally?

(Jacob) #8

Is the ROV powered on and connected to the computer? Can you try using Firefox or Chrome?


ROV is on, QGC works, no acces via IE or Chrome or Safari

(Jacob) #10

Have you performed the previous update? If not, you will need to follow these instructions to update.


Will try that… Thought we had the new software…

(Jacob) #12

When did you purchase your ROV?


About June, not sure exactly when :slight_smile:


Followed the instructions, now it works, thank you Jacob

(George Minos) #16

I have a question about the companion update.
Since I am building now my BlueROV2, I have access to the Raspberry Pi. So, I can pull out the micro SD card. I do not think that I have to download again the “ardusub-raspbian.img.zip”. I have done this previously (in July 2017). Is there any difference between these versions? Perhaps, I can plug in to the Raspberry Pi a USB keyboard and a mouse, connect it with a monitor, an ethernet cable for internet connection and perform an update (e.g. “sudo apt-get update” and then “sudo apt-get dist-update”). Will it work and update the companion version to 0.0.10? Which way do I have to follow to “Update Companion” safely. Till now all the electronics are working and communicate with ArsuSub. Thanks in advance.

(Julian Hancock) #17

Hi Chaps

I updated this afternoon, it went fine thank you and works well. Thank you very much.

A dum question coming up, how do you change the colour of the instrument panel to white?



(Bo Koppel) #18

Hi Julian!
Under settings (Q sign) upper left, Application settings:
General, Miscellaneous, change Dropdownbox “Colour Scheme” from “Indoor” to “Outdoor”

(Jacob) #19

@gminos This is a newer update from the one posted in June/July. The best way to do the update is according to the instructions here. There is no need to get a monitor and a keyboard from the Pi, just connect the ROV to your computer normally and follow the directions to update using a web browser.

(Oystein Skarholm) #20

I have to ask the stupid questions (again).
The “howto” update the system tells me how to update it, but it doesn’t tell me what I need to update -Companion - Ardusub…QGC I know :slight_smile: Am I suppose to install / update all three or are we talking about different systems here ?

(Jacob) #21

@SDI They can all be updated independently of each other, but it is recommended to do all of them for the best experience.

(Oystein Skarholm) #22

Ok, so all of them is part of the same system, thanks :slight_smile:

(Jacob) #23

Correct. They are each an individual component of the entire system. All of these components are required to operate the BlueROV2.

(Julian Hancock) #24

Thank you very much Boko.



@jwalser, how is the “boat” GPS location sent to QGC? Can I set a fixed “boat” GPS location/heading?