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Software Beta Test Release

Hello again Blue Buddies! We are almost ready for a new round of software updates! :fire: :fire:

For the last couple of months we have been working hard to improve our software stability, reliability and performance. Now we invite you, our community, to help us to push the ocean boundaries even further with beta testing! :ocean: :ocean:

What should a Beta Tester do ?

  1. Update software to the last beta test version available
  2. Report any issue or reproducible bugs
  3. Propose changes that could help you
  4. Share your experiences and thoughts with the community


Companion 0.0.19

  • New MAVLink to REST API
  • New Ping-Viewer integration
    • Our lovely Ping-Viewer now has new capabilities and features!
  • Fix Ping1D firmware update via Companion web interface
  • Improve underwater GPS integration stability
  • Navigator board support

Check our upgrade process here.

P.S: Remember to select tag 0.0.19
P.S 2: Remember to set the default parameters in after the update

ArduSub 4.0

  • Over 10000 new commits (catching up with other vehicles 4.0 releases).
  • The Real Time Operating System (RTOS) is now ChibiOs instead of NuttX.
  • Added a new option for automatic detection of the thrusters directions, making setup easier.
  • Heavy frames can now roll/tilt to arbitrary attitudes (even upside down).
  • Depth Hold is now working with arbitrary attitudes.
  • Depth Hold and Stabilize modes now hold the attitude at which they were enabled.
  • Roll-Pitch toggle mode now used the inputs as rate targets instead of position targets.
  • In Roll-Pitch Toggle mode, the Center Mount button now levels the ROV.
  • Support depth setpoints via MAVlink in Depth-Hold mode.
  • Support attitude setpoints via MAVlink in Depth-Hold and Stabilize modes.
  • Support for setting MAVLink message intervals.
  • Navigator board support.
  • Many improvements to SITL (Software In The Loop simulator for developers) so its behavior better resembles that of a real ROV.

To update, first back up your parameters by saving them to a file in QGroundControl, and then follow the instructions for updating ArduSub via the Companion clicking Beta instead of Stable.

Some of the beta features in ArduSub require a new version of QGC to use. For a better experience and to be able to use the Automatic thruster direction detection feature, use this build of QGC.

Ping-Viewer t2.0.6

  • New Ping360 chart rotation
    • Ping360 chart will be rotated with BlueROV body frame
    • Check the video!
  • Decrease Ping360 scan time
  • Improve Ping360 chart and A-Scan resolution
  • Better hardware compatibility, lower CPU and GPU usage
  • Save previous manual connection configurations
  • Fix Ping360 detection with multiple network interfaces

Download the new version here.

Ping1D 3.28

Get our beta firmware release here.

Follow our upgrade firmware instructions here, remember to select manual update.


Yes !!! Very good news, i’m ready for tests !! Thanks

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Where can I learn more about the Navigator board? I’m coming up empty searching for it but the code suggests its a Linux replacement for the PixHawk with an onboard IMU and (internal) pressure sensor.

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Hi Matt,

This is something that will be released in the near future :wink:

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Hi Patrick,
I followed the update in order as explained but after putting Companion in 0.0.19 where should I redefine the default parameters before updating Ardusub (and before QGC following the order indicated)?

Hi @JeanBenoit,

In companion section:
The parameters are the ones in /mavproxy.
Sorry if the instructions were not clear, I just did a small update, let me know if you have any further questions.

In ArduSub section:
You should follow the instructions under the videos. Saving the parameters with QGroundControl and following the instructions to flash the parameters via companion.

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Hi @patrickelectric
Perfect, all the updates are done now (Compagnon, Ardusub, Ping1D). I will do the sea tests tomorrow !!
For the moment I test in the workshop …

  • The depth from Ping1D displayed in the values (Rangefinder meters) works ??
    -The depth maintained with respect to the bottom with Ping1D ??
  • The overlay of the values on the video works only if it is recorded in MP4 (not in MKV despite the creation of the .ass file) with VLC.

In the parameters:


MOTORS: Automatic motor direction detection. Stop at first

This is what I see this evening at the workshop. What should I do before going to sea tomorrow ??
Thanks for your advice
Jean Benoit

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Hi @JeanBenoit,

Thank you for reporting the issues!

These are next in my list.

I’ll look into it.
Just did. It seems to be due to some architectural changes that are happening in QGC in order to properly support some very requested new features.
I opened an issue to track this.

This one is harmless, I’m looking into it, but don’t worry about it.

The tuning page was trying to display the older page for 3.5 due to a typo (oops).

The automatic motor detection expects the ROV to be in the water, without water it won’t move and the IMU readings won’t be in the valid range, and that is why it fails.

I’ll update the post once I get a new QGC build and ping you.

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hI @williangalvani,
I can use the BR2 to work like this while waiting for your update or well I come back to the stable versions ??

Hi @JeanBenoit,

I wouldn’t take the chance of finding new bugs while using it on a professional setting, but ultimately that is up to you.

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It is a pleasure to participate in the evolution of BR !! I try at sea as quickly as possible.


t2.0.6 with PING360 only displaying a pink square.

(Windows 10 Pro, Intel® HD Graphics 3000, AMD Radeon HD 7400M Series)

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Companion updated to 0.0.19.
Companion updating for Ping1D firmware (to 3.28) was successful.
Companion updated for ArduSub to 4.0.0(beta) required a manual change of flash_px4.py to /dev/ttyACM0, then worked fine.
Updated to posted QGroundControl, all appear operational in dry test thus far.
Ping t2.0.6 gives the pink square, (so did t2.0.5), presently utilizing 2.0.4 official.

How do we turn on the overlay in recording?
Is audio still no functional?

Hi @EspReSso,

Thanks for your tests! Can you please share ping-viewer GUI log of your test ?

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Sure thing @patrickelectric
I had noticed the same thing a while back when I tested t2.0.5

20200216-165939704.txt (526.3 KB)

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If you have the .ass files, which should be created automatically by latest QGC builds, all you need is a player able to play them, such as VLC.
There’s a better explanation here.
(Note that there is currently an issue with .mkv files)

Audio will likely have to wait for the current rework of the whole video system.

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I was previously using QGC 3.5.6 and now changed to the one posted in the link in this thread (which does not show a version), but do not have the .ass files, is there something that needs to be configured in settings? (presently set to mp4).

Update: suddenly today it is creating the .ass files, and working! No idea what changed but overlay working.

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Hi, I don’t know why but QGC beta no longer starts on my computer. I reinstalled it’s OK now but the clamp no longer works. I tried everything … I just went back to QGC 3.5.2, Companion 0.0.18 and Ardusub 3.5.4 and the clamp still doesn’t work … and I have a job to do in the port … I am disappointed.
A word of advice ??(even if I know there are problems with the gripper,hope that the new version will arrive, i until yesterday evening everything was fine !!)

Hi Jean,

Your parameters were probably reset when you went back to 3.5.4, If you saved the parameters, restore then.

Also check if the joystick buttons are mapped properly (servo_[number]_[min/max]_momentary) and then check in the QGC inspector tab if the appropriate servo value is changing in SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW (servo_3 in joystick is channel 11 IIRC).

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