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SLAM for BlueROV2 Localization



I am looking into using ORB SLAM 2 with the Intel d435, on the BlueROV2. I wanted to know once I figure out how to get pose information from the SLAM package, how do I pass it into the ArduSub autopilot? I am talking about both the format in which the position information should be in as well as the method that I should pass in the information to the autopilot.


(brian deatherage) #2

Paranoia, I have thought of using a variety of different SLAM, YOLO, Kinnectv2 mapping solutions with BLUEROV2 to be able to have the robot create a 3d map of the cave systems I scuba dive in.

I see that there is a company called ibubble that has a wireless solution but I dont think its very robust and cannot perform AI automated mapping missions in a 3d labrynth. I dont have answers for you but am trying very hard to figure out a way to send this robot into a cave and have it come home with a point cloud or some kind of mesh map or anything better than a stick line we currently use.

Cutting the cord is critical for cave exploration at any reasonable distance.

If you come up with something please let me know and I will do the same.

(Patrick José Pereira) #3


Check our “Send GPS position” example.