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Simulating GPS input to pixhawk using target tracking sonar


(Jacob) #21

The telemetry stream rates are controlled by the SR* parameters (50Hz max, it will warn you if you try to enter over 10Hz). I didn’t mention this before because there is an issue here, where the stream rates in our system are currently governed by mavproxy running on the raspberry pi. To change them, you will need to enter the command ‘set streamrate 50’ command in the mavproxy console running on the raspberry pi.

Regarding the larger log files, we can put an issue report in QGroundControl. Is there a particular threshold in filesize where it fails?

The motor output channel definitions can be seen here.

Sending MAVProxy messages from a python program?

Just retried these downloads:

  1. 79.4kB
    Status: Downloaded
  2. 130.9kB
    Warning: “Ignored packet for out of order chunk 1” x 98
    Status: Downloaded
  3. 393.0kB
    Warning: “Ignored packet for out of order chunk 1” x 30
    Warning: “Ignored packet for out of order chunk 2” x 30
    Warning: "Too many errors retrieving log data. Giving up."
    Status: Timed Out

Looks like #2, despite the 98 warnings, downloaded all of the data (compared to data copied directly from pixhawk SD card).

Thanks for all of the help!

(Jacob) #23

Ok @sbmech17, this is a problem. I’ve filed an issue and will resolve it when I get the chance.

I’ve also added the coordinates to the information display under the artificial horizion, it will be a week or so before it makes it into the build.