Set and forget Gopro for my BR

Do we have a consensus on which Gopro is the best for underwater recording (no tether, no communication)? Just press the record button and dive?

The Gopro 4 is often cited but it’s because we can communicate/live stream with it rigth?

thank you

Regarding the Gopro 4, yea your right. That one can be controlled and streamed pretty easy, where the later models are a little more complicated to get that done.

For set and forget, I think any model is going to work just fine as long as you can get a housing that protects it at the needed depth, and you can get the battery life you need.

In my experience you will need an external battery/power if you want it to record for more than ~40 minutes, and that requires a special housing in most cases.

Hi @Charles,

I don’t have much experience with GoPros, so don’t have a recommendation for “best for underwater recording”, but this thread is likely worth a read if you want to interface with more recent models :slight_smile:

anybody tried this one:
45m rated housing + battery for hero 5-6-7

or is willing to share their setup?