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Underwater Streaming Setup

Hi BlueRobitcs group!

I do a lot of scuba diving and wanted to design some of the technology from BlueRobitics sub and live streaming of my scuba.

I am not 100% fluent in the robotics world (yet) but learning as I go. I’ve looked to see what all I would need. This is the list:

Camera Housing:
2" Locking Series Tube +10$ for 300mm
2 Hole End Cap
Dome End Cap
O Ring Sealing Flange
Enclosure Vent and Plug
Tether 50 Ft - 2 cable

Tether From Camera To Topside
Tether Interface Boards
Body Board - Floatation Device To hold Spool and Computer Equipment for streaming. (essentially cellphone - for transferring data, raspberry pi or similar, and battery packs)
Waterproof Topside Case - To store all the hardware above
Dive Helmet - To attach the camera

Accessories - potting, wire setup, zip ties, etc etc…

Looking for any suggestions or things I may not have considered. Alternatives, or cheaper approaches also welcome.


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Do you have a link to your livestreams/videos, or is this something that you haven’t started yet?

I have also considered livestreaming my adventures, but haven’t put a serious though into it yet, mostly because data on my phone is expensive and some of my dive sites don’t have cell service.

A possible cheaper alternative would be to record your dives with the usual action cameras and then later you can livestream yourself watching the videos while you provide commentary, though I know this isn’t part of the stated mission.

I’m also a scuba diver, but I can’t comment on your setup since I’m also new to robotics. The only thing I can think of is that 50’ of tether might be tight if you dive deeper than 30-40 feet, and the camera housing might need a battery for power. I also never use any buoys (other than SMB) or dive flags because they only attract boats.
I only use the ‘official’ BlueROV2 so I don’t have experience with DIY yet. I bough it to replace solo diving since it can be very hard to find dive buddies. The ROV excels at this, and especially the Ping360 sonar in low visibility conditions.

Thanks for the reply.

I haven’t started live streaming yet. I’m trying to figure out a setup to start. This is a theoretical build out. Trying to see what people’s thoughts are and other opinions on the idea. In my head I can see the build. Spool of wire in the center of the body board (by cutting a hole). Water proof case on the back. And all wires sealed and protected.

I have an action camera but it’s not what I’m shooting for. My goal would be to live stream my fossil hunting. All my dives are within cell service and max depth is 30-35’. I gave 15-20’ for slack.

We have unlimited data plans in the US for reasonable monthly charges. I dive 4 times a month, so I’d imagine it would be worth it.