My Underwater Housing to GoPro Hero

I have now made a Underwater Housing to GoPro Hero 3,4 or 5 camera, Fits just fine on Bluerov2 after
i move the battery Enclosures A bit further back.

Rec and power/mode button is controlled by Arduino mini pro, i have hacked my gopro hero 3 with wire to Rec and power/mode button,sow you can Connect camera directly to two SSR relay.


Very nice! How are you communicating with the Arduino?


Cool! looks very well machined. How deep do you think it will be able to go?

I use RS-485 to communicating,half duplex line (2 wire)

I will think 200-300 meter,Is more than enough for me.

The Weakest points is plexiglass,is 8mm thick now.

Thinking about buying the new one Hero 5,but i don’t know if that is so much better than Hero 3 Black underwater.