SERVO AUX PWM control absense line of code


I’ve been working on my rov project and wanted to install UBECs that may use aux ports (ports 9-16) on navigator board for remote switching on and off some electrical components and nav board itself.

According to the Full Parameter List · GitBook

servo_1_min_toggle, servo_2_min_toggle, servo_3_min_toggle has a specific reference code numbers.
I’ve been trying to use all of them to trigger 3 UBEC using joystick button ( BRD_PWM_COUNT was set to 4, SERVOx_function = disabled and BTNn_SFUNCTION (shift button holding) for corresponded code references, 78, 82, 86)

First servo_1_min_toggle is working fine, but the rest servo_2_min_toggle and servo_3_min_toggle doesn’t work. I tried everything swapping UBEC and checking all the rail, the only servo_1_min_toggle is working others no.

I check the code from here, ardupilot/ArduSub/joystick.cpp at master · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub
it appears to be that servo_2_min_toggle and servo_3_min_toggle function were not assign/initialized mentioning at all in the code. I am wondering is this something specifically internally done for some other purposes or its simply devs forgot to put it there, btw the same thing for the servo_2_max_toggle, servo_3_max_toggle.