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Screws for the BlueROV2 Heavy Fairing Add-on

Hi everyone,

here in the robotics lab at Dartmouth College, we have a BlueROV2 with the heavy configuration. What are the screws for the heavy fairing add-on? I see that on the related product page they are M3 self-tapping screws, but I cannot find them where to get them (McMaster Carr for example has only #4 and #6 for a 316 SS).

In general, is there a bill of material for the screws, in case we need to buy some spare?

Thank you very much,

I’m not sure this will be of much use to you, but I made a McMaster list during assembly a couple months ago and like you I couldn’t find the exact wood screws, but found some that might be close enough. It won’t contain everything, just the fasteners that came in bags.

150m spool fasteners

1: M5 x 12 BHCS
McMaster# 94500A231

2: M4 x 20 BHCS
McMaster# 94500A283

3: #8 - 1/4 Phillips pan head wood screw
McMaster# 92525A805

4: #4 - 5/8 Phillips pan head wood screw
McMaster# 90184A110

5: M3 x 6 BHCS
McMaster# 94500A221

Spares fasteners (I think)

6: M4 x 16 SHCS
McMaster# 92290A154

7: M3 x 12 SHCS
McMaster# 92290A117

8: #4 - 1/2 Phillips pan head wood screw
McMaster# 99461A286

9: M3 x 3/8(or ~10mm) Self tapping flat head phillips wood screw
McMaster# 90198A105 (McMaster is smaller at .112 vs BR .116)

10: #8 - 18 Phillips pan head wood screw
McMaster# 90184A236

ROV fasteners
(duplicates removed)

11: M3 x 16 SHCS
McMaster# 92290A120

12: #4 - 3/4 Phillips pan head wood screw
McMaster# 90184A111 (McMaster is smaller at .112 vs BR .116)

13: M4 x 18 SHCS
McMaster# 92290A161

14: M5 x 16 BHCS
McMaster# 94500A232

ping @adam

Hi @quattrinili,

Yes, the heavy fairing screws are the same as the thruster nozzle screws, metric self tapping M3 x 12 mm. They are stainless 316 with a Phillips drive countersunk head. You can find similar screws here, or if you contact us we can send you a couple.


Thank you @adam, I tried the screws from uxcell, however one of them broke – I guess they have a lower strength compared to what you provide. I will contact you then to receive some screws and get an extra fairing.