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Bluerov 2 assembly manual error question

(Tim Pierce) #1

Quick questions if someone has a minute.

  1. In the “assembling the frame” section, the bolts that hold the side plates are listed as m5 * 12 in the text, and m5 * 16 in the pictures. Which is correct?

  2. How long and what type of screws hold down the floaty plastic blue covers?


(TCIII) #2

Yes, the text is in error as it should have said M5 X16 button head cap screws. However, I believe that the kit does come with the correct M5X16 button head cap screws, at least mine did.

According to the BlueROV2 Assembly Instructions, the Farings/Buoyancy are attached to the frame using:

Bag with 16 self tapping screws (included with the ROV)
16 #4 Size, 3/4” Long Pan Head Self Tapping Screw (316 Stainless Steel)


(Tim Pierce) #3

Thank you!

I’m not building from a kit, but from components, so some of the hardware I have and some of it I don’t about half of
my frame isn’t blue robotics OEM parts, but will be modified 3d printed parts instead. Same thing with the floats. i have the floats and covers, i don’t have the screws.

(Jonathan) #4


M5x16 is correct.

The screws that hold on the blue fairings are 3/4" (19 mm) long.