Bluerov 2 assembly manual error question

Quick questions if someone has a minute.

  1. In the “assembling the frame” section, the bolts that hold the side plates are listed as m5 * 12 in the text, and m5 * 16 in the pictures. Which is correct?

  2. How long and what type of screws hold down the floaty plastic blue covers?


Yes, the text is in error as it should have said M5 X16 button head cap screws. However, I believe that the kit does come with the correct M5X16 button head cap screws, at least mine did.

According to the BlueROV2 Assembly Instructions, the Farings/Buoyancy are attached to the frame using:

Bag with 16 self tapping screws (included with the ROV)
16 #4 Size, 3/4” Long Pan Head Self Tapping Screw (316 Stainless Steel)


Thank you!

I’m not building from a kit, but from components, so some of the hardware I have and some of it I don’t about half of
my frame isn’t blue robotics OEM parts, but will be modified 3d printed parts instead. Same thing with the floats. i have the floats and covers, i don’t have the screws.


M5x16 is correct.

The screws that hold on the blue fairings are 3/4" (19 mm) long.