Scratch on 4" Acrylic Enclosure

I bought a 4" enclosure for my DIY ROV a few months ago. When I was inserting my electronics into it, I had a gpio pin sticking out that scratched the inside (image of the scratch while sealed attached). I tested the enclosure with the vacuum pump up to 25hg vac. I left it in a vacuum for 1.5hrs to test the seal. It did not leak, but I don’t want to take any chances at depth.
Do you think the scratch is a problem?
If so, is there any way I can fix this?


I had a similar occurrence with my 4 in dia WTC too.

Like you I ran a vacuum check to see if the scratch would cause a leak and it didn’t. I ran my vacuum test over a 18 hour period at 10 in. If you had no leak at 25 in, I would say that you would be safe to use the WTC as is.

However, $40 plus shipping for a new WTC is cheap compared to having to replace a complete Electronics Control Assembly.

If the scratch is not too deep, you might be able to buff it out with Meguiar’s “PlastX” which I use to periodically clean the area of the inside of the WTC where the O rings reside.


Ill give buffing it a try.