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Vacuum leaking on ROV

(Thorleif) #1


My BlurROV is currently leaking too much and i cant seem to find out where it is? I’ve taken out all O-rings and changed all orings expect for the ones on the battery chamber since i do not have replacements for them. I’ve cleaned all the grooves with alcohol and greased the rings and put them back and remounted everything. Still it is leaking a bit fast. About 0.01PSI pr 7-8th second.

Time passed: 252 sec of 900
Current pressure is: 4.83 (Started at: 4.5)

Time passed: 368 sec of 900
Current pressure is: 4.96

And test fails at 4.5PSI:

ROV seems leaky, internal pressure did pass 5PSI during the test period.
It hit 5.01 in only 411.577 seconds… Starting point: 4.5PSI

Release pressure before you continue then press ‘Confirm’ then check for leaks

And it should be under 5PSI after 900 seconds. How can I find the leak without dismantling the whole thing again? Any tip? Been looking for days now. The oring seems tight around all the fittings

(TCIII) #2


You just might have air coming up the battery cable from the Battery WTC.

I had this happen to me so I pull a vacuum on both the Control WTC and the Battery WTC at the same time.


(Thorleif) #3

Hi, I test both chambers at the same time. So should not be that afaik.

(k.deboer) #4

Visually check all of the cables. I’ve nicked one by accident cutting a cable tie.


(Kevin) #5

Hi @thorleif Interesting that you’re having sealing issues, sorry about that!

Something you can try is to apply a slight positive pressure to the inside of the WTE via the vent penetrator port and applying a soapy water solution to the areas around your penetrators and other seals. Also apply it to where the cables are epoxied into the penetrators. If you see bubbles, then that points to the location and defective part.

The other more painful way of doing this is to remove a penetrator at a time, blank it off, and re-conduct the vacuum test. A process of elimination will most likely find your defective penetrator.

If you find the location and it is a manufacturing defect, please e-mail us at support@bluerobotics.com and we can get you a replacement component.

(Jacob) #6

@thorleif What program are you using to test the pressure?

(Thorleif) #7

@jwalser: I am using the internal barometer BMP180 on i2c for raspberry pi. Have a custom “pressuresafe” batterypack to run the ROV’s internal up and closes it up then i do the pressure. As soon as it hit belov 12PSI the pressure test starts once it reches 4.5 it starts a count, if it reaches 5.01 before 900 seconds it fails.