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Water ingress at 50 m

(Christian) #1

i just had a good testdive ,but after 2 hrs at about 50 m i had an water ingress… not good one… there was wate,r not too many drops but enough to come in tront of the dome on the cam…, and i vacuumed it 3 times before diving, the last two was perfect 15 after 30 min? …any suggestions on the issue?.. exept from trying to loosen and thighten the penetrators?

(TCIII) #2


Yes, check all of the cable penetrators for seating and tightness.

Also, make sure that there are no longitudinal scratches on the inner circumference of the WTC where the end cap O rings seat. Do a visual inspection of the seating surface of each O ring to make sure that they have not be abraded (on the bottom side of the O ring) while being pushed (seated) in the WTC.

Check the tightness of the screws holding the dome on the forward end cap and make sure they are all evenly tightened and have not come loose.


(Christian) #3

…i think i found it? …but this isnt quite right BR? …my i have a new one?:wink:

(TCIII) #4


A failure of the dome flange?


(Christian) #5

Yes, but it was nice to find a natural cause :)…must be a production fault, bec have never tighten too much or actually used it… 1 dive ?

(TCIII) #6


What version of the dome do you have?

There have been several revision to the dome design.

I believe that they are up to Rev 4.


(Christian) #7

this shuld as far as i know be the last one? ,…i changed it when the las update came 2018, i just got my kit so i got to chage it :slight_smile: , but been working and havent used it before now;)

(Christian) #8

…you can actually see the water in the End of the movie i put out :slight_smile:Testdive -Loke ... Nice performance of the ROV!