Scratched Acrylic tube

So while testing with diy electronics tray, I scratched the inside of the acrylic electronics tube around where orings would sit. They are not real deep scratches, so does anyone know if normal acrylic sanding methods are ok to remove them?


while it might not apply here i don’t know the tube type I have had a few acrylic tanks and if they are not bad some time Novus 3 step process can work. But again I am not sure of if that works with this acrylic my tanks where always cast acrylic.

Hi @seedler,

The cast acrylic tube material is standard acrylic, so in that sense “normal acrylic sanding methods” should work fine to remove material.

That said, the precision-machined ends where the o-rings sit in our locking enclosures are designed with quite tight tolerances, and (as with any o-ring interface) should have a smooth surface to press against the o-rings, to ensure a complete seal. Modifying that interface (with scratches, or sanding the surface and changing the dimensions) means the product is no longer as received from us, so we can’t guarantee the seal will have the same pressure capacity as the tubes we sell.

I’m not sure how deep your scratches are, or how much you’re expecting to need to sand off, so it’s difficult to comment on that front. A smooth interface surface is more critical than the exact diameter, so sanding out scratches is more likely to result in an enclosure that’s at least usable for something.

As long as the scratch is not too deep sanding should work perfectly. I have had good success in the past wet sanding using 600 grit followed by 800 grit. If the 600 grit does not remove the scratch easily, go down to 320 grit, but be careful not to take off too much material. Wash thoroughly between different grits with water to remove abrasive media. The surface does not need to be optically clear for a good seal.

Thanks guys. Ill give it a go :crossed_fingers: