Sales @ Bluerobotics, no reply?

Somebody else have a problem getting reply from

Usually they are fast to answer my emails… but now I have sent 3 emails for the last couple of weeks but no reply, nothing. I have also tried different emails account to see if there are some problems with my account.

Even more the University here have also tried to contact sales@bluerobotics, and sent emails, three, for the past month and also the same, no reply or answer…

I find this really strange because I have been so happy with their service and products.

Hi Thor! This is a bummer to hear! I see your last message with our support team, but nothing in sales! Could you try sending me a private message here and I will also try sending you an email directly?

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Hi Elisa… Thank you for the reply :slight_smile: I was hoping someone could “hear” me… :grinning:

Sure I will try to send you an email.

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