Missing delivery

Dear Blue Robotics.
On October 17 I ordered some cable and bouyancy foam, and got a confirmation that the order was processed already the day after - Great.

But since then I have heard nothing, and not received the items, in spite of writing back to one of your employees and also sales@bluerobotics.com on October 31, November 2 and November 14. You have no telephone number at your web page, so it’s difficult to reach you.

I’m afraid there might be some VAT or Tax issue, but I would like to receive a tracking code from you, to know, where the package is.

Please find my latest e-mail sent to sales@bluerobotics.com November 14, 18:58 CET.

I hope for your reply.

BR Morten Beier

Hi @Morten, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with receiving your order.

I’ve brought this up internally, and was told the last email we’re seeing from you is on October 21. Apparently our sales team have tried emailing you about a request on the order, and haven’t heard back, so it’s been held. Maybe the emails from sales are going to spam or something?

Hi Eliot,

Thanks for you super quick answer.

Sounds strange. In my mail-thread it appears I ordered and wrote Oct 17 to add some screws, which don’t appear from your web shop. I got an answer the day after that my order was already processing, and I could not add anything to it. On October 21 you asked me for a reply on the items I could not add to the order. Then I responded October 31, that I would wait with the screws and asked for a delivery status. Nov 2 and Nov 15 I asked again for the delivery status.

Anyway, something must have been lost in space, But please send the order - the remaining screws would be cool to get too, but there is no point making a separate order just for that.

All the best Morten