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Contacting Sales Consultants

(Grant Farrow) #1

Is it normal not to be able to get a phone contact to speak with sales consultants? I’m a possible new customer but for the life of me apart from email contact I can’t seem to get a hold of anyone on the phone?

(Jacob) #2

Hi Grant, please send us an email at sales@bluerobotics.com and the right person will get in touch with you.

(Grant Farrow) #3

Hi Jacob,

Not sure who is answering your general enquiries but please they need to understand what I’m asking for, its been like 3 times now.
Xxxxxxxxxcom but apparanetly your server doesn’t allow gmail accounts through either??? See what I’m up against


(Jacob) #4

Can you please send an email right now to sales@bluerobotics.com?

(Jacob) #6

one wonders what would happen if something went wrong with your product?

We respond to most inquiries to support@bluerobotics.com within 24 hours or less. Please email us and I will make sure it is not getting filtered somehow.

(Grant Farrow) #7

Sent Jacob :slight_smile:

(Grant Farrow) #8

Jacob - still keeps bouncing back :frowning:

(Grant Farrow) #9

I’m at a total loss why a customer can’t simply call, this has to be a first for me.

(Grant Farrow) #10

All good, I managed to get a hold of Rusty eventually and truely satisfied that I’m planning a visit from Australia in Jan 2019.

Great customer support :+1: