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Running T-200's Motor in 5 Liters only


I was wondering about the heat dissipation in this case. I understand that the T-200 needs to be working in water but what if the water amount is just 5 liters and those 5 liters are being circulated. Will that cause any kind of problem to the cooling of the motor?

Another question please if possible: can we order the motor without the thruster? since that we didn’t find an availabe stock motor on the website.


Hi Mostafa,

Five liters should provide plenty of cooling for the thruster and I don’t think it will heat up very much. That will be fine.

The motor version (M200) is not available right now as we update the design to correct some issues. I apologize for the inconvenience! We don’t have a timeline for when it will return yet.


Thanks for replying,

Well what about the T-100? Is it still available in stock and would it be okay to run in 5 Liters as well?

Hi Mostafa,

There is still stock of the T100 but it is being discontinued so it will not be available for too long. It would also be fine to run in 5 liters.