Run time of T200 thrusters on a 2200 maH Lipo Battery

Can you please tell the runtime of T200 thrusters if used in full throttle with a 2200 mAh 12 volts Lipo battery? We are making our new prototype and we want to calculate the runtime of our product.

You can estimate this from the graphs here
The maximum power at 12 Volts is around 180 Watts.
from P=VI you get that the current is around 15 A.

2.2 Ah / 15 A = 0.1467 h = 8.8 minutes.

But keep in mind that the battery voltage will drop, and using full throttle is not the most efficient nor a very realistic use case.

Thank you soo much. Also I would like to understand the graph, does the semicircle indicates that if pwm signal below 1500 us is provided then the motors will rotate in opposite direction and if more than 1500 us is provided then in other direction?


Yeah, that is it.
There is also a very small zone around 1500 us where the motors don’t spin.

You can also get some other cool information from them. You can see that the efficiency when going forward quite higher than going backwards, for example.