Battery information

I need an information for The t200 thruster, i’m planning to use a 12v litium battery with 20000mah, so how many ampere the thruster absorbe at 12v at high speed? Because i want to use it on a kayak and i have to study how long the battery last,
Thank you all

Please see the specifications here:

I studied better your performance chart and i think maybe that i found a solution to my problem, in the graphic between power and lbf i noticed that the maximum thrust at 12V is 7.8lbf , that corresponds to almost 160watt, so at full throttle should absorbe 13/14 Ah, is that correct?
Thank you again

Look at Current vs. Pulse width signal to ESC. Pulse width signal to esc is the same as the duty cycle on the output. 1900 = 100% duty cycle. The maximum current draw at 12V is 15A.

Perfect, thank very much!