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ROV's connection is unstable

(BongSub,Song) #1

i’m in some intermittent problem.

the symptoms is ROV do not communicate with ground PC.
(any packet come in(dst port !=5600), except video stream(dst prot == 5600) )

i think internal system are doing well because when ROV is boot, CAM position go to zero. and video stream are transmitted well too.

I want to solve this problem. so I’ve done Ardusub update also pixhawk firmware update too.

but the situation don’t go well.

is anything to fix ROV2 now?

(Jacob) #2

Hi, please contact support@bluerobotics.com. I need to get some more information from you.

(BongSub,Song) #3

hi jacob very sorry to late reply.

i solve this problem with re-write firmware on new px4.

the old px4 might be broken. it cannt communicate any usb hosts.

thx for your interest.

(Jacob) #4

Ok, if you contact support@bluerobotics.com we will be happy to exchange the broken pixhawk.