ROV Motors not Running


We have purchased an electronics kit from rovmaker to do a capstone project ROV. We have designed and manufactured everything ourselves except for the electronic components, and are running into some issues since we are vaguely familiar with electronics & programming. We are able to get to the point on QGC where we can successfully arm the device but we cannot control the motors & it seems as if though our motors are not even receiving power, as verified through a multimeter. On the power distribution board there are two XT60 slots, and we have only one battery at the moment, which is an 11.1 lipo. Do we need to upgrade to a 14.8, get a second battery for the second XT60 connector, both, or is it something else causing our issue?

Our ESCs have Simonk firmware on them and are the qwinout brand 30a
The motors are also qwinout 10kv a2212 brushless motors
We also have a pixhawk 2.4.8

This is the rovmaker electronics suite: Underwater Electronic Enclosure – ROVMAKER

Hi @couching5000, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I looked this up online and it seems they expect a 2S/3S power supply, so upgrading to 4S may damage the motors - I don’t expect your issue is with insufficient voltage, although depending on your electronics setup perhaps you haven’t connected your power supply to the ESCs.

Given you’re using electronics that aren’t from Blue Robotics, without showing your connections, it’s not really possible for us to know what’s going on / provide much meaningful advice.

Are those BR components being used by Rovemaker? They sure look similar.

No, they’re not associated with us, and they don’t sell BR products or components.

Hello Eliot,

We figured we would want to stick to the 11.1. We saw the same thing on amazon that they are not rated for 14.8. I will attach pictures of how our wiring is going so far. It is very unsightly but you should be able to see all of the connections. Keep in mind we are not familiar with electronics projects like this so we may be overlooking something simple.

It will not let me upload more than one picture per post. I will post another one

Here is our power distribution board

There’s nothing that stands out to me as obviously wrong with the setup in your images.

I’d recommend you contact ROVMAKER for help, since they’re the ones who provided the electronics.