Resin on topside interface board


I have been away from home working over the last couple of months and never got to test my BlueROV2 out properly. Now I have managed to get get some time in a local universities big test tank on Monday which I am quite excited about.

I have put the topside board into a water proof box unfortunately I have been sealing the various exits with resin. I have noticed that resin has crept through one of the exits and dripped across the board near the USB plug.

Is that going to cause me problems?

I have also lost the use of the gain controls on my Xbox 360 game controller. The lights are working but the increase/decrease gain is not working nether is the shift trim pitch/roll?


Hi John, I think you will be ok with the resin there. Hopefully it is not conductive. If it is hard, you would probably damage the board if you tried to remove it.

On the increase/decrease gain, you should see a message appear each time you push one of the buttons. You can see these messages by clicking on the icon in the toolbar that looks like a megaphone. Do you see anything there when you push the gain buttons?

On the pitch/roll trim, the BlueROV2 does not able to dynamically control its pitch angle, so there will be no effect with pitch trim.

Roll trim will require active roll stabilization to be turned on. We disable active roll stabilization by default in order to conserve battery. To enable it, find the ATC_ANG_RLL_P parameter in the Parameters tab of the Vehicle Setup page. Set it to 6.0, and the ROV will actively try to maintain a level angle. Decreasing the value will make the ROV put less effort into maintaining a level angle.


Thank you very much Robert :slight_smile: