Pitch up results in somersaulting

We have been having an issue when trying to pitch up with our BROV2 Heavy. If we pitch up more than a few degrees, the ROV starts somersaulting until we back it down towards level again…I think it does this even in manual mode, I will have to check again today.
I would like to be able to orient it nose up for doing hull inspections, but might just have to do it with camera up instead. Nose up would allow us to hold up close to specific areas of the hull for solid video.
I assume that we might have to adjust the CG/CB to do this though…any thoughts?

@AlaskaSubmarine That’s interesting, are you using just the standard trim_roll/pitch settings? BlueROV2 Heavy Roll and Pitch Input. If you’re getting weird results like that, I’d probably recommend reloading your default parameters. As a note, trim_roll/pitch usage should only allow you to go to 45 degrees in either axis so the Depth Hold function will still work as intended.

The roll_pitch_toggle function is the only function that will allow you to adjust your axis more than 45 degrees, but its pretty hard to drive that way as it will not account for Depth Hold with the horizontal thrusters now vertical.

I’ll try to take a video and see if we can duplicate it and figure it out.