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Regulator Datasheet

I need regulator datasheet for current values, short circuit protection.

Hi @Yavuz,

Can you explain which part you need the datasheet for or show a picture?


Blue Robotics Power Sense Module

Hi @Yavuz,

The voltage and current sense values are as follows:

Voltage Sense Output: 11.0 V/V
Current Sense Output: 37.8788 A/V (offset by 0.330 V)

There is no short circuit protection. The current sensing chip is

You can find all other specifications on the product page here.

Please let me know if that answers what you need.


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The point I am looking for here is whether switching is performed in short circuit or high discharge situations.

Hi @Yavuz, okay. This module is for sensing voltage and current only. It does not provide any switching or regulating function.

Can I learn how we control such situations in the vehicle?

@Yavuz - Thereā€™s no protection built into the device for these situations at the moment. The battery is designed to handle the normal expected current in a variety of situations. The user interface in QGroundControl provides the voltage and current information so the user can monitor the battery and avoid undervoltage or over-current situations.

Thank you very much for your help.

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