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Recording of IP camera

Hello guys,

Someone was asking about how to record IP cameras on another post so I though I would post some update on my software.

This is what I’ve been using on my jobs and the client is very satisfied with it.

I am also working on a dive log software which will tie in with this. The dive log software will also eliminate most of the post processing work.

Here is the video recorder UI:

This can record from basically anything that is connected to a computer, even record the screen.

The software comes with a player that can be freely distributed to your clients.

This is where it gets interesting. The client can:

  • Use all the normal features of a player
  • Browse the log and play from an entry
  • Turn the video overlay on/off
  • Take frame grabs with or without overlay
  • Draw on the video or still frame
  • Record clips with or without external audio

This is very popular with my clients and we are constantly improving it.

Because the overlay data is recorded in a CSV file, you can edit it after your dive. This is extremely useful as you can offset your depth afterwards if you forgot, add elevations to the overlay or correct any static data.

PM me if you are interested.

For now, this is in beta testing.



I forgot to mention that it also records the br2 camera.

In fact the video example that is on the player was recorded this way.

What we do is use the record function from QGC for black box recording.

We’ve also observed that the latency is better than in QGC especially if the computer is using a lot of processor power.