Recording doesn’t work quite as it should

I have a problem with QGroundControl v4.0.5 recording doesn’t work quite as it should.
When i record, if you move the ROV, Camera goes slow (lagging) and then recording stops.

Without recording everything works.

I have update to QGroundControl QGC v4.0.5 , Companion v0.0.20 and ArduSub v4.0.1

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How does the Performance screen look in Task Manager during recording? Anything running high?

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I changed the video recording format to mp4 works fine now it looks like (its only working one time)

I have test it again with mp4 but when i record, if you move the ROV is lagging but do not always stop recording.
When I play the mp4 file in VLC ther is no lagging on video?

I have now tried many things,if you remove power supply that supply laptop (but not charge at the same time) then everything works without lag when I record, GPU is about 18-21%
If i connect the charge to laptop after i have start QGC the GPU is about 80-85 % without lag when I recording way?

Laptop is Asus ROG Strix Windows 10 Home 64 bit/Core i7/GTX 1050 Ti

I had similiar problem long time ago, check this:


Right now I’m using 120 Watt,if i use a large powersupply let’s say 180 watt is that ok?

Was never a problem before when I used v3.2.4-BlueRobotics-Rev6

I will try to change something on video card settings or something in windows.