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Video recording issue

I have a brand new Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM) It seemed to be working with QGC fine until I attempted to record video. Then everything got very laggy. It got better once I stopped recording but still had a bit of lag. Any idea what is issues is. I assume that the computer should be powerful enough to hand this.


It should work fine. What version of QGC are you using?
Take a look at the task manager while recording and see how is the CPU usage.

I am using 3.5. I will run some bench tests and look at the CPU usage.

Also make sure it is not on powersaver mode, as it usually clocks down the CPU.

The bench testing showed no issues. Recorded fine, ~ 25% CPU and 35% memory. I pulsed the thrusters a bit to make sure it was not a power issue and it still worked.

Any reason having it in the water would make a difference?


Please try the troubleshooting steps here, and take notes of your results. If you continue to have problems, please share the notes of your results with me.

If you can, please try the setup with another computer. This will help narrow the problem to the topside computer or the ROV.


In running the bandwidth test I am getting an average of 45 - 50 Mbps up and down. I have the FXTI , Spool and 150m tether.

Do those numbers seem right for my setup?

It seems to be working fine today in the lab but did not work in the field last week.

It sounds ok to me. Pay attention to the remainder of the troubleshooting steps, and be on the lookout for loose connections causing transient issues.

@jwalser Jacob I am still having recording issues. I was able to get it to record for almost 10 minutes then it got all messed up. This is a trimmed version of the video that starts at 9:40. It was in stabilized mode but barley moving when the video got messed up so I don’t think it is a power issue.

Does this help narrow down the issue? Could it be a high temperature issue as I have tested in the lab on the bench and it was fine? I plan doing more testing so any advise beyond the troubleshooting steps would be appreciated.

Thanks AJ