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Camera lag and intermittent flashes

Hey guys
So was just wondering if anyone had issues with camera lag and , I’ve been using a hp laptop with 4gb ram and up to 3.5ghz which is my personal laptop with all my stuff on it so not sure if that may have an effect, so I have been experiencing intermittent white flashes over the screen general lag, and a 2 to 3 second delay when recording so was just wondering if anyone had any similar issues and how they tackled it , as I was considering just getting a surface pro 4 or 5 and using that as a dedicated laptop for the rov itself , just want to make sure the problem is simply user error or something I haven’t configured correctly first or if it was simply my laptop not being powerful enough

Cheers guys Dez

Hi Ahmet,
have a look at this thread:

Video freezing and grey frames

There you can find a download of a testversion. It sounds like that could solve your problem.