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Camera image on screen intermittently flashing white

Hi. My Blue rov2 camera image, shown on a laptop screen flashes intermittently white every few seconds. A clear picture for 4 or so seconds, then white screen with ‘ghosting’ for a couple of seconds, then back to ok. This repeats over and over. Any ideas ?

Glen - We have seen this a couple of times and come to the loose conclusion that it is related to the graphics driver on the laptop.

For example, I have a brand new Dell i7 that I ran into the same problem on (actually more of a grayish screen than white). It has a really fast AMD Radeon card but when I disabled the AMD graphics and ran the laptop on the intel graphics, the intermittent blinking went away. But the new problem is now the intel graphics do not allow for a split/extended screen. Headache but worth a try!!!

Ok, thanks. Will look into that.

Additional Troubleshooting tips can be found here: ArduSub Troubleshooting