Video (white balance)?

Took our ROV on its maiden dive today. The water viz was horrible and it seemed every time the ROV turned the video would pixilate while it tried to correct the view for shadows etc. My flying drone had the same problem and DJI recommended turning of AUTO WHITE BALANCE.

Is there a setting for this as well? has anyone else seen what I am describing probably poorly…

I’ve seen this before as well. it can be either your computer screen resolution not set to match the camera (1920x1080). In my case, the screen resolution was set higher (4K). Or your computer is not able to keep up. Check the screen resolution setting. Otherwise, some other people on this forum have had to slow the refresh rate of the ROV camera, if it’s a case of the computer not being able to keep up.

There are camera settings at the web page I have not seen any indication that the color settings will improve this situation. You can try the screen resolution like @k.deboer mentioned, there are some more tips here.