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Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) on camera

Does anyone have any experience in adjusting the WDR on the IP camera on board? I get into some reflective surface issues where the camera is trying to adjust due to the shiny surface of material and video becomes almost unreadable. Tried adjusting lighting to no avail. Either burns out or drops off where there is too little light. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi Mark,

Have you tried adjusting the camera settings via the web-link (while connected to your ROV)? You can change the brightness, contrast, gamma, and a few other settings as well, and save profiles for later reuse.

Thank you, we’ve tried a number of things but will try those as well. Unfortunately it’s the WDR that my tech says we need to turn off basically.

Away from the workshop at the moment so couldn’t check for you directly, but the original post from when the settings page was introduced is here. Seems like there’s a toggle to turn off the automatic exposure adjustment (you can change it to manual), which will be what you’re after :slight_smile: