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Camera Flicker using BlueRobotics Low Light Camera

I have met with a problem with Bluerobotics low light camera on board our ROV. The video feed from the QGC was flickering during operation. I will explain the scenario:

    The scenario was that ROV was powered off and was under the sun for a prolonged duration of time (~ 3hrs). Afterward, during operation, the camera feed was flickering for around 1 hrs even during dive (~ depth: 25m). After the one hour mark, the flickering decreased drastically. 

We have experienced this whenever the ROV was under sunlight. But the extent of flicker was very high during this time.
What do you think is the root cause of this flicker?


The raspberry computer will do a thermal throttle in the processor reducing dramatically the clock and voltage, this can be the result of your problem. Try to put a wet towel over the ROV if it’s in the sun without protection.