Reccomendations for waterproof servos?

I want to create my own arm for an ROV. However, I do not know which servos to use. I have used regular servos and then “waterproofed” them but that didn’t work for all of the servos. It also created a big mess. Currently, I am looking at servos from a company called Savox (Waterproof Servos – Savox USA). Has anyone used them before, or any other recommendations?

After looking into the company, it looks like their servos are rated for a max depth of 1m, which does not help.

I used those servos in the past and they are not waterproof at all for full submersion. More water resistant. Seems like the only one available are from Blue Trail Engineering but its much more expensive.

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Hi @DanielT,

From a forum search for “waterproof servo”, these posts seem the most relevant:

In addition, for future consideration,