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Submersible servo

(Damien) #1


Does anyone have a sure fire way to waterproof a servo for 15 metres depth, or know of one I can buy?

I used a HobbyKing waterproof servo that had o-rings (even on main shaft). But it failed in stantly in a few metres of sea water. So how to waterproof this servo.

I have read about using marine grease, or mineral oil, with oring on splines, but is there a way that someone has used and proven to work?

The servo would need to do a few movements every day at 15 metres depth for 3 weeks. It will be submerged almost the whole time.

My idea was to pack every part of it with non conductive marine grease. Then cover in liquid tape, and use o-ring on output shaft. I would still be worried about the wire entry point and the in put shaft.

I would love to know your experiences.