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Depth-rated Servo



I am developing a depth-rated servo for ROVs and USVs, geared toward serious hobbyists and universities. The torque and speed specs will be similar to those of a high-torque, standard-sized R/C servo (roughly 350 oz-in max torque). The electrical interface will be identical (5-7 volts supply voltage, standard PWM interface). I am shooting for a depth rating of 200 meters.

This will be a high-quality product, with all materials and seals being suitable for long-term (up to 1 year) immersion in seawater.

I am trying to gauge interest in a servo like this. If any of you would find this useful, please respond and let me know what you would use it for, what depth it would be likely to see, and for how long it would be deployed. And, of course, I would like to know how much you would pay for it!

Thank you,

(Christian) #2

i have?..300m… 100$ + post!


Hi Christian,

Can you give me any more details?


(Christian) #6

…what info do you need?

(Andrew) #8

Like how much do they cost?


It looks like you can get them for around $100. I’m wondering how they are sealed (both at the output shaft and at the cable entry) and what long-term testing has been done on them.

(Christian) #10

…there will be moore info, its just started, so you need a little patience bec i have to getit sorted and i dont have much time for that until late next week:(

(Christian) #11

I think they are sealed… as far as i know… but i only have this picture to go with by now. and it looks lie there is place for a seal inside

(Christian) #12

Specs: speed: 0.24sec/60degree, cable length:100cm, torque:12kg. cm, wire: red/+ black/- yellow/signal, degree:±60degree, pwm signal:0.9ms-2.1ms | voltage:12-24v

(Marcus) #13

The ones we have (similar to above) are epoxy flooded for cable/rear panel entry. I assume the rotary seal is a quad ring, but I’m not sure; they are epoxy flooded so they can’t be disassembled

(Dean Rundle) #14

what depth rating and torque rating are your servos Marcus?

(Marcus) #15

Hi Dean, Specs are as above, it’s the same product. Depth rating is 300m. Cheers