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Depth-rated Servo

Not for now!

Any update on your depth rated servo availability?

im at sailing"holiday" so i havent done anything bec of seriously bad luck(card got emtyed from a gas station, sail broke, yes you name it ;), but will soon be back in business… selling my boat on friday;) …then it will All fall together;) …keep you updated;)

Hi everyone, I began this thread asking if there was interest in a depth-rated servo. I am excited to announce that I have developed a high-quality, depth-rated servo, which is now available for sale. Please check it out at www.bluetrailengineering.com.

These are made in the USA (Longmont, CO to be specific) and are stocked for immediate availability. I also offer underwater connectors and cables, as well as a high-efficiency thruster for use in ASVs and AUVs. I think if you peruse the website and look at the specifics of the products, you’ll find that this is the real deal: reliable products for underwater robotics at affordable prices.