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Waterproof Servo

(Punitha) #1

Hi, I am planning to get a waterproof servo motor. I m just curious to know if the servo motor will still be waterproof if i open up the servo motor once to fix something and close it back.

(Rusty) #2

Hi Punitha,

We haven’t actually opened any of the waterproof servos so I can’t say for sure but I imagine that it might be hard to close it and maintain a reliable seal. Also, please keep in mind that the servos are only rated to a depth of 1m so they are best for surface vehicle applications.



(Niel Dietz) #3

Can you please tell me the specifications of the waterproof servo motor? What type of properties it has?

Also what are the boards are compatible with this motor? What makes it waterproof?

What are its current and voltage specifications?

(Rusty) #4

The servo specs are available here: https://www.bluerobotics.com/store/servos/hs-5646wp/

The servo uses a standard servo pulse signal so it will work wherever an ordinary servo would work. It has o-ring seals in the case. Unfortunately, it’s only rated to a depth of 1m.