Rating of "High-Temperature PUR Subsea Cable" (BR-100997)


Just curious if there is an official rating for the BR-100997 cable. We were hoping to run 400 VDC (total power 500 W) through the cable. I saw this post about the 12-gauge cable you sell and the manufacturer suggested a rating of 300 V, which suggests the 100997 probably can’t do what I’m hoping, but would like to make sure.


Hi @peterg -
The Blue Robotics voltage drop calculator should be able to help you here. If you put the length and size of wire, and how much power you intend to send, you’ll see how much will be lost as heat. If the cable is fully immersed, this heat can likely be dissipated without much issue - up until things start melting!
Generally looking at the watts of heat per meter of cable should give you a ballpark idea if the cable can handle your application.

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