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Recommended Power Supply

(sean matthews) #1

Can anyone recommend a bench power supply for powering the BlueROV2 through its battery connector? The battery notes a 90A continuous discharge at 14.8V, but perhaps I could power it and operate thrusters with a bit less? My intention is to be able to develop/test on the onboard computer without constantly using and recharging the batteries. Thanks!

(Rusty) #2

Hi Sean,

Good idea. We have a BK Precision 1692 in our lab and it does a good job of providing up to 40A at 15V. I think that would work for most situations. You’ll need to send a pretty thick power cable down to the ROV and it shouldn’t be more than a few meters long to avoid a large voltage drop.

Going to higher current than that usually bumps up the price quite a bit on most power supplies.

Hope that helps.


(sean matthews) #3

Hey Rusty,

I don’t mean to send the vehicle underwater with the power supply, only to perform lab testing with it. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m going to pick up one of those supplies.

(Jeremy) #4

I’ve just been using an old laptop power supply that I had laying around ~ 14v / 3A. As long as I’m not running the thrusters, it works great for just doing bench work/testing on the computer.

(sean matthews) #5

Thanks @jerfox-ratw. Good to know that that works alright as well.